October 11, 2012

Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?

 Still no scanner, and bad-8:30pm-lighting, but ... one more little drawing to color your life vegan.  

I used to not like bell peppers.  They tasted bitter to me and felt dry and chewy.  Then, I ate a a fresh one from the farmers market -- whole other vegetable!  Couldn't even be related to whatever re-hydrated green slices I'd had before.  Now, when in season, I'll eat green, orange, yellow, or red sliced raw, fresh, as juicy as an orange, and so vitamin-packed they stain the counter with their color.  

Alas.  It's finally fall here; the rain is supposed to return soon, and tomorrow is supposed to be below 60 degrees.  I don't mind, but it means no more fresh, local bell peppers, my sign that summer is over.  They're such a fleeting freshness here in Portland, but the abundance of long-living, super-crisp apples fills in the gap.

Here are the original peppers modeling for my drawing.  I think they got to show off their best sides.  

Tomorrow's Friday.  I hope to be back with a more exciting post.  Not that I have any ideas yet.  I'm just trusting I'll have some time and energy.  For now, it's off to bed.  Thanks for reading! 

PS:  the title of this post -- isn't that an old Dr. Pepper jingle?  Wait ... I'll go look it up.  ACK!  It is!  It is!  And it just transformed me into a tiny tot sitting on the kitchen floor watching TV while my mom makes dinner.  Wow.  I wish commercials (especially political campaign commercials) would go back to this groovy-friendly style. 


  1. Our peppers have reached their sad end as well. I can't always handle bells raw (the texture bothers me) but I love the flavor of any and all peppers.

    Nice sketch too!

  2. Loved your title to this post! and your comment about the peppers showing their best sides. For some reason that just made me smile! :)

  3. Those peppers are very good models.