October 10, 2012

Vegan Treats and Locavoracious Reading

One Saturday, when I was supposed to be catching up on grading and email, these distractions pulled me away:  Dora by Lidia Yuknavitich, 100 Tricks by Kim Stafford, and Under Wildwood by the Decemberists musician Meloy Ellis -- all Portland authors, all purchased at a local, independent bookstore, which just happened to stock Seattle's "Theo" chocolates with plenty of vegan options. I put it all in the trunk of my car then took a picture of how these temptations fanned out, knowing no work other than reading and munching dark dairy-free chocolate would get done that day.  Bliss. 


  1. Trista, I love the way you write! And I've been loving all your cute drawings too... seriously, how do you have the time to do them? :)

  2. Just cannot imagine vegan chocolate. Enjoy the books.