October 24, 2012

Apple Squares Part II

Well, here it is, my last finished drawing for VeganMOFO, and I still have a week left.  You might see three simple cherry tomatoes in tomorrow's post. 

I had a lot of fun with this drawing.  I love the shapes and colors.  Plus, I love apples, but I am very picky.  For most of my life, Golden or Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples were about the only variety offered in stores, and they all seemed waxy and thick-skinned, mealy, and bland. 

Then, about ten years ago, I read The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan and learned that there used to be something like 25,000 varieties of apples.  (I've since learned the same thing about mangoes, bananas, and avocados, not 25,000 varieties but hundreds). 

The rest of the world must have read the book around the same time because ten years later, enough new apple orchards, even limiting myself to relatively local orchards, are mature and provide six, seven, ten different varieties at the store. 

Now I can be a picky apple picker, easily finding the crisp-bordering-on-downright-hard-fleshed apples with lots of juice and tart taffy flavor.  I haven't bothered to learn which ones make the best pies, etc., I'm happy to keep bumping into varieties I haven't tried and eating them as-is. 

I can't even remember the name of my favorite apple.  It's large and sea-foam-green and crisp only when fresh, so I buy one at a time and eat it right away because I can't stand mushy apples.  I found it first in Washington while visiting C&H.  Anyhoo, other ones I love:  Jazz apples, honey crisp, my mom's gravensteins, ...

Oh my gosh -- while making a meager attempt to figure out the name of my favorite apple, I came across this website.  There really must be 25,000 types of apples -- all edible apparently, not destined for the cider press.  (Do you remember tales of Johnny Appleseed?  Did you know he planted apple trees for hard cider?  Not the rosy-cheeked innocent we learned about in preschool, eh?) 

All right.  I must start the day.  Thanks for reading.  We'll see if I've got anything left for the rest of the month.  VeganMOFO is kicking my rear this year.  Still, I'm happy to know you're all out there. 


  1. Fantastic drawing! Thanks for posting.

  2. Love the drawing! I have a hard time remembering the different types of apples. I look on the chart at the store to see the names and descriptions of taste--tart, sweet, etc.

  3. Update: so I accidentally ended up cutting this drawing in half! Oh well ... there were others in the same sketchbook I'd have been thrilled to destroy, but not this one. Duh.